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Please read carefully this genuine offer of earning extra income without involvement.
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Please read carefully this genuine offer of earning extra income without involvement.

Good day to you from

We are an established holiday home rental company who are responsible for managing owners’ second homes in the Naples area, concentrating on attracting holiday rentals for their homes, charging a 15% commission.
We have a successful programme attracting rentals from North America through the winter but unlike other local rental companies we also generate rentals through the summer off peak period by attracting European visitors.
Our problem is that demand for holiday homes in Naples far exceeds supply and we are looking to form a mutually beneficial partnership with a real estate agent by directing potential buyers and sellers to the agent who in return will direct home owners looking to rent their homes to our services.
The benefit to the real estate agent is that we will offer 5% commission on future rentals on any homes that are brought into our portfolio. Thus the real estate agent can earn extra income without any additional involvement.
We can provide testimonials from satisfied owners and can be contacted at any time by email at If you are interested, we would be happy to arrange a meeting to expand on this proposal and show the potential income a typical Naples home could generate for the estate agent.

ner or through our contacts.

Richard and Denise
Email; or

Summary of Naples Villa Rentals proposal to estate agents


Here is an outline and summary of the potential benefits to you by joining us for a mutually beneficial partnership as described in the accompanying letter.

1. Extra income
Over a period of time if you were to generate for us 10 homes for rent in the Naples area this could bring you a potential income of $20,000 per annum.
For every typical 3 bed villa with pool you can expect around $2,000 per annum extra income from commission on rentals we will acquire

2. Goodwill
Happy clients will come back to you for re-sales by referring your buyers to our services and knowing they will be very happy with the income we generate for them, plus providing them with an excellent service. The buyer may well also refer you to new clients.

3. Extra Business
By working with our company we will refer new buyers or sellers to your company.
A summary of how we operate:

• We charge just 15% commission.
• We open 365 days a year with home offices and phones on call divert when not in the office.
• The commission we earn is our only source of income, thIs making us highly motivated.
• We concentrate only on a specific location (Naples, Marco and Bonita) which we know intimately and can describe to enquiries with first hand knowledge.
• We do not tie owners into long term contracts and owners can block out dates when desired.
• Apart from our own web site we advertise on all the largest holiday rental sites such as TRIP ADVISOR, HOLIDAY LETTINGS, VRBO, OWNERS DIRECT, HOLIDAY-RENTALS and more.
• We take a security bond off clients.
• We have 14 years experience in the holiday rental business.

Last but not least, we attract rentals all year round, primarily to Americans in the winter and Europeans through the summer.