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Buying and Renting in Naples, USA

In Naples, FL, exists the ideal scenario for purchasing residential property whether it be for pleasure or for short and long-term profit.

What makes this little corner of paradise so sort after?

  • It is a wonderful place to live.
  • There is an all year round demand for property rentals.
  • Current and future outstanding appreciation in property values.
  • High demand for a limited availability of homes…
  • Easily resalable.

These and other factors means Naples is universally recognised as the outstanding place to purchase property.

It is also believed that this situation will not change but rather become more accentuated in coming years as the forecast up to 2030 is for growth in the area.

A testimony to this is the fact that Naples has more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in America.


Sub tropical, the region has an outstanding all year round climate. Even in the height of summer the heat is tempered by off shore breezes whilst through the winter season Naples superb weather means it has become the No 1 destination in Florida.


Unlike the crowded conurbation of the east coast, Naples can only grow to a limited size due to its location within national parks, thus creating a demand for living within this desirable community. A demand, which leads to premium property prices and a wealthy clientele.

This situation will not change in forthcoming years as the value of properties continues to escalate fuelled by the ongoing demands for homes in this little bit of paradise where future building will be severely restricted.

The Naples coastline is also unspoilt, with desert-island sandy beaches stretching for miles without any form of development to spoil the view. The sea is calm, the wildlife and sea life abundant, protected by many laws, which also prevent pollution and ensure the quality of life here is not compromised.

Easy to reach by air Naples maintains a colonial style, with Caribbean homes in tree-lined avenues, giving old Naples a Key West ambiance. Due to being surrounded by the national forest of the Everglades Naples will never be an urban sprawl so characteristic of the East Florida coast. Yet the town is large enough to have a vibrant social scene personified by 5th Avenue and 3rd street which boasts elegant shopping during the day but comes alive at night to the sound of people frequent dozens of fine restaurants and bars such as Tommy Bahamas, Campielo’s and O’Grady’s.

Another favourite pastime is to watch brilliant sunsets whilst sipping cocktails at a beach side “cheeky bar”, epitomising Naples relaxed lifestyle.

Perhaps with more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in America, few have anything to prove other than to focus on ensuring this small piece of paradise remains unspoilt.