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Attention Property Owners

Would you like:

1. All the trouble & strife taken out of renting your home.
2. To maximise your rental income.
3. Avoid the pitfalls of dealing with clients directly.
4. Adverts on the best world wide rental web sites

has 8 years experience in looking after owners’ vacation homes in Naples, maximising rental income.


Our service is active 365 days a year (yes including Christmas day) as a prompt reply is essential to capture an enquiry.

Owners homes are listed free of charge on our web site and we also advertise homes on all the world’s major vacation web sites such as , etc , at no cost to the owner, vastly increasing the number of enquiries.

We charge just 12.5% commission (or add on to the owners price) and maximise rental income by being pro active, responding quickly (the early bird catches the worm) , & offering more to prospective guests such as
* Detailed pre-holiday information packs
* Full time on site local contact
*Security of payment
And more

To maximise rental income we identify early rental peak periods early (e.g., school holidays in the UK and Europe), control in and out dates to avoid wasted periods/days, and do regular email shots to a large data base of Naples vacationers.

We liaise almost daily with the homewatch / our local manager. With owners permission and when advised we pay for repairs or renewals; saving owners funding the cost themselves. Owners receive a monthly statement and income is also paid over at that time. Owners can terminate their contract with us without notice, all we ask is that any bookings taken are honoured.


Our rental programme generates rentals all year round. Unlike many rental agencies that concentrate on the peak winter months our income is generated solely from rental income, making us very motivated ,thus targeting the worldwide market , generating enquiries outside the peak times.
Our average occupancy on a typical 3 bed 2 bath villa with pool in Naples is 33 weeks per annum and $42,000 gross annual income.

To summarize the benefits to owners
1. Free owners of the responsibility & time it takes to rent homes
2. Free listing of owners homes on a dedicated site.
3. Free advertising on all main vacation rental web sites
4. Provide a 365 days a year service.
5. Maximise rental income.
6. Charge just 12.5% commission.

Please do contact us if you are interested and/or have further questions Our telephone number from the USA is:01144 (0)1246 410100 or email;

Richard and Denise

Vacation Homes (UK) Ltd,Studio 2, Riverside Studios, Mill Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 2XL. UKTel: FROM THE USA 01144 1246 410 100

Email; or


Option 1
We are the primary rental avenue acting as the fulcrum for all rentals .
This means all rentals are dealt with by ourselves and the owner is freed from all obligation, administration, etc.
In return we will charge 12.5% commission on all bookings, list the home on our web site and also pay for at least one advert on one of the 4 most productive international web site. Owners can still block out dates for their own use.

Option 2
Working in partnership with the owner
Your home is listed on our web site f.o.c. and we will add our commission onto the owners rate, or otherwise by agreement.
This option enables owners to continue renting their home.
Any potential bookings we acquire are first checked out with the owner before confirming with the renter.
However to avoid double booking or time wasting it is essential we have a good communication link with the owner.

Administration of rentals

We take a 20% deposit for any booking , the balance 8 weeks before arrival.

Once a renter wishes to book a form is sent out and they have 10 days in which to make the initial payment. Terms and conditions are sent out at this time.

We also take a bond which is held until 15 days after the rental period, by which time the local manager has reported on the condition of the home.

We have a strict cancellation policy as per our terms and conditions, which protects owners from loss of rental.


We are flexible in working with local managers in that we can operate with an owners existing manager, directly or indirectly, or provide our own manager who has first class references.

This is the owners choice but it does usually mean owners are freed from direct involvement and need not worry about their home .

Managers are kept up to date with full details on rentals and are expected to be contactable by renters , if only in case of emergency.

Examples of rentals achieve in 2017

Example 1
3 bed 2 bath villa on LELY gated community;
Total occupancy 33 weeks (excluding 3 by owner)
Gross income $49,583

Example 2
3 bed plus den villa on LELY community;
Total occupancy: 28 weeks ( excluding 6 by owner)
Gross income $37, 892

Example 3
5 bed villa, older style, not on a community
Total occupancy 26 weeks
Gross income $40035